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Public protection

also see making a complaint»​

BCCNP is required by law to regulate the nursing profession in the public interest. As part of this responsibility, BCCNP ensures:

  • The public is protected from incompetent, unethical, or impaired nursing practice.
  • Nurses do not practice unless they can do so safely.

When you have a concern about a ​nurse

BCNNP receives complaints about the conduct or competence of a nurse from patients and their families, employers, and colleagues. We also receive complaints alleging that a nurse has a health ailment impairing his/her ability to practice safely.

When you have a concern about a nurse’s practice, we recommend:

  • if possible, you discuss the problem directly with the nurse, the nurse’s supervisor or both.
  • you consider pursuing the matter with the Patient Care Quality Office and/or health care agency where the nurse works if your complaint is not resolved to your satisfaction after speaking to the nurse and/or supervisor.

Regardless of how (or whether) you attempt to address your concern directly with the nurse or health care agency, you can always submit a written complaint to BCCNP.