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Professional development planning

A professional development (PD) plan is a confidential document nurses create that guides and records the activities they undertake to meet the BCCNP Standards of Practice for their nursing designation, as well as their employer’s expectations. Nurses must develop one each year, as part of meeting their QA requirements.

Each PD plan is different, reflecting the creativity and uniqueness of each nurse’s learning journey and is evidence of their commitment to continuing competence in their nursing practice. A PD plan comes in different forms – electronic, handwritten, or a combination. It can be organized by date, skill, theme, or event, and employ a variety of resources to reflect the various ways the nurse integrates knowledge into their practice.


Some nurses prefer to use their computer to store their information, scan documents, and ‘blog’ their ongoing activities. Others prefer to use a binder to collect evidence, using plastic sheet protectors as envelopes to display certificates, letters, and other items to support their learning evidence. BCCNP has also created a basic template for nurses to use.

Creating a professional development plan is one way nurses indicate to the public that they are maintaining their competence to practise and take their professional development obligation seriously. This commitment is an important part of being a self-regulating professional.

Nurses are expected to keep supporting records to document their compliance with BCCNP's annual quality assurance program requirements for at least three years after the end of each calendar year, in accordance with section 302 of BCCNP's bylaws.

Employer requirements

Nurses are welcome to use and include the PD activities they complete to meet employer requirements in their BCCNP PD plan. These PD activities should be applied to the learning needs the nurse has identified through their self-assessment and peer feedback they receive.

Any and all activities nurses undertake to improve their practice—be it self-directed or employer mandated—“count” as professional development. Nurses who have taken part in Multisource Feedback will use the Professional Development (PD) Plan section of My Professional Plan to create and evaluate professional development goals.


All practising registrants interested in QA support are encouraged to contact us