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Quality Assurance

 Welcome to the BCCNP QA program

The BCCNP Quality Assurance program supports all nurses in B.C.

As part of our mandate to protect the public through the regulation of nurses, BCCNP is required to maintain a quality assurance program. The purpose of the QA program is to promote high practice standards as part of ensuring clients continually receive competent and ethical care, and to support nurses to engage in annual professional development.

Supporting nurses

Nurses are autonomous professionals, with broad scope and significant professional responsibility. This means they must be lifelong learners, who continually assess and improve their practice.

By participating in BCCNP's Quality Assurance Program throughout the year, nurses demonstrate to the public they are committed to maintaining their competence to practise and that they take their professional development obligation seriously. Meeting QA requirements is an important way to maintain the public's trust in nurses.

Harmonizing our programs

BCCNP in 2018 began work to align and harmonize the QA activities for all nurses regulated by the college: LPNs, NPs, RNs and RPNs. The harmonized BCCNP QA program has four main components:

These elements form the basis of quality assurance for practicing nurses in B.C.

The QA Cycle

Once nurses have renewed their registration, they are required to seek peer feedback on their nursing practice, and create a professional development plan, that includes at least two learning goals, and activities to achieve those goals.

Finally, nurses then evaluate the impact of their learning on their practice. This is the annual QA cycle for all nurses in B.C. All nurses who hold practising registration—even if they are not working—must meet these annual requirements.

Help & support

BCCNP QA Advisors are available to assist nurses with all aspects of quality assurance.

They can support nurses in their self-assessment, help set PD goals, review feedback from colleagues—they are a resource for all nurses participating in BCCNP's QA program. Advisors are available via email, and also offer telephone support.

 Need help?

All practising registrants interested in QA support are encouraged to contact us