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Evaluation is a key component of the QA program that runs throughout the year. It weaves throughout the self-assessment, peer feedback and professional development stages as the nurse continually reflects and evaluates where they are at in their QA cycle, and where they are heading. For nurses participating in Multisource Feedback, evaluation of the learning goals they identified in their PD Plan is an important step in the process.

When evaluating the impact of professional development on their practice, nurses should consider:

  • Did I meet my learning goals?
  • How did I meet my learning goals?
  • Was the outcome valuable to me? Why or why not?
  • Who (aside from me) benefited from my learning plan – clients, colleagues?
  • How have I shared or how will I share this learning experience with colleagues?
  • How have I been able to maintain and/or enhance my nursing practice?

Nurses may find it helpful to document and keep the answers to these questions as part of their QA records. Sometimes nurses are unable to meet their PD goals—this is not necessarily a bad thing. Priorities change, as can workplaces, and personal circumstances. Nurses who don't achieve a PD goal can ask themselves:

  • Were my learning goals SMART (specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and time bound/timely)?
  • Are there alternative ways that I could meet my learning goals?
  • Do I need to re-assess my learning needs and revise my goals?
  • How will I revise my professional development plan in the coming year?

The continuous cycle of QA—assessment, feedback, PD planning and evaluation—ensures nurses are reflecting on their practice and striving for continuous professional improvement.


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