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LPN practice hours

The LPN quality assurance program introduced a nursing practice hours requirement to LPNs in January 2014. 

To retain practising registration, LPNs must work a minimum of 1,125 practice hours within the five-year period immediately preceding each registration renewal. This minimum number of hours is one indicator that LPNs are maintaining their currency in practice.

All practising LPNs must keep a record of the number of hours they practised as an LPN from Jan. 1 to Dec. 31 each year. At registration renewal, LPNs will report to the college the number of practice hours they accumulated during the year. 

​What are nursing pra​​​ctice hours? 

Nursing practice hours involve applying LPN competencies for clinical practice, education, administration or research. 

LPNs can count nursing practice hours if: 

  • They have successfully completed a recognized practical nursing program;
  • They have successfully completed a supervised practice experience pre-approved by the BCCNP Registration Committee;
  • They have successfully  completed an approved competency assessment and any required education as identified by the BCCNP Registration Committee;


  • They held practising registration with a nursing regulatory body in the jurisdiction where the hours were acquired; and
  • They worked in an LPN role; and 
  • Their role substantially involved providing services within the definition of LPN practice; and 
  • They practised according to the LPN Standards of Practice. 

Practice hours may be acquired through: 

  • Paid employment in an LPN role 
  • Self-employment in an LPN role 
  • Professional development activities, such as structured education (e.g., a workshop, a course or program of study) undertaken as part of and relevant to their LPN position(s) 
  • Regulatory college/nursing union/association work 
  • Committee work or volunteer work in an LPN role

*Nursing practice hours should not be confused with seniority hours in a union. 

LPNs can count only those hours that they actually worked. They may NOT count: 

  • time absent from work for reasons such as sickness, vacation, maternity, education, disability or another type of leave
  • professional development activities undertaken independently 
  • hours worked in a role that does not require LPN registration (e.g., care aide, housekeeper, dietary aide, emergency medical technician, registered nurse, registered psychiatric nurse) 
  • on-call hours (but not actually working) 
  • hours worked in a job predominantly selling products 
  • time spent caring for family members​

​Check your practice hours

If you want to review your self-reported practice hours, sign in​ to your BCCNP account and click "practice hours" under Quality Assurance.


If after reviewing this information you are unsure whether your hours count as the practice of nursing, email

If you won’t accumulate 1,125 nursing practice hours by next registration renewal, contact the registration team at or 604.742.6200 (1.866.880.7101 toll-free).​​​

Supervised practice experience

If you do not meet the practice hours requirement, you may be eligible for supervised practice experience. Learn more.​