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RN practice hours

Practice hours requirements for registered nurses

Whether you're applying for initial registration, renewing your registration, or returning to ​​nursing practice, you must meet one of the following requirements in the past five calendar years to be eligible for practising or provisional registration:

  • 1,125 recognized registered nurse hours
  • successfully complete a registered nurse education program or a nursing re-entry p​rogram​ recognized by BCCNP
  • successfully complete a supe​​rvised practice experience ​approved by BCCNP
  • ​​​successfully complete a degree program — or be currently enrolled in a full-time program — leading to a degree in nursing or other related field recognized by BCCNP
  • completion of a recognized competency-based assessment and required coursework
  • Hours are calculated between Jan. 1 and Dec. 31 each year.

Eligible practice hours

You can only report RN hours to BCCNP if:

  • You held practising registration at the time the hours were acquired, and
  • Your role substantially involved the provision of services within registered nursing practice.

Nursing services are deemed to be included in registered nursing practice if:

You CAN count:

  • ​Volunteer RN hours if the position is with an organization such as a children's camp, a special event or humanitarian organization AND you are able to provide satisfactory evidence that the volunteer work completed meets the BCCNP Standards of Practice.
  • Professional development activities undertaken as part of your RN position (e.g. in-service, workshop or conference)

You CANNOT count:

  • ​Time spent caring for family members.
  • Time spent in a learning capacity (e.g. a course or certificate program)
  • Time absent from work for reasons such as sickness, vacation, or hours you were on call, but not working.
  • Hours worked in a job in which you predominantly sell products.

Hours are self-reported. If a question arises as to whether the hours can be counted for the purpose of meeting BCCNP practice hours requirement, the decision will be made by the Registration Committee.

Contact the BCCNP Registration department if you have further questions: OR 604.742.6200 (1.866.880.7101 toll-free)

If after reviewing this information you are not clear if your hours can be considered the practice of nursing, please contact our practice department ( 


Contact the BCCNP​​​Registration department​​

  • 604.742.6200
  • 1.866.880.7101 toll-free  

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