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Recordkeeping requirements

Recordkeeping requirements

Nurses are expected to keep supporting records to document their compliance with BCCNP's annual quality assurance program requirements for at least three years after the end of each calendar year, in accordance with section 302 of BCCNP's bylaws.

These records may be subject to audit by BCCNP under section 303 of the bylaws, and the Quality Assurance Committee may require a registrant to submit information under section 304 of the bylaws to verify their compliance with requirements of BCCNP's quality assurance program.

Recordkeeping tips and best practices

BCCNP's Quality Assurance Program requires nurses to review their practice throughout the year and throughout their nursing career. Nurses report on their engagement in professional development activities annually, during registration renewal. How they choose to document their learning varies—the important part is that records are being kept, be it a Word document, BCCNP's PD template, or via My Professional Plan.


All practising registrants interested in QA support are encouraged to contact us