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Review your nurse practitioner practice in relation to the BCCNP Standards of Practice.

 Review your practice

Self-assessment will naturally occur during the course of your work. At registration renewal you will report on having completed a more structured self-assessment, aimed at identifying how effectively you are meeting the BCCNP Professional Standards.

Nurse practitioners also use the Com​​petencies Required for Nurse Practitioners in B.C. relative to their stream of practice (adult, family or pediatric) to complete their self-assessment.

Quality Assurance Profile

Your Quality Assurance Profile is a summary of your answers to the self-assessment questionnaire. In it, you can also choose to see how nurses in the rest of the province responded.

Access your Quality Assu​rance profile now!

Use the same username (email address) and password you used to sign into renewal.

Critical review of client documentation

When you review your client documentation, you should be evaluating client health care management and outcomes against appropriate evidence. Target practice areas related to diagnosing and treating, including prescribing, such as:

  • a common and predictable diagnostic category in practice (different each year)
  • a less commonly occurring diagnostic category (different each year)
  • critical incidents in practice for the year

You will be required to report on your documentation review. See reportin​g​​ requirements. ​