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Quality assurance (RPN)

Meeting quality assurance requirements

Under BCCNP’s quality assurance bylaws, every practising and provisional RPN registrant will be required to make an annual personal practice review declaration as a condition of renewing their registration in 2020.

Registrants will be required to declare that they have met all of the following requirements within the previous one-year period:


While nurses regularly engage in informal self-assessments during the course of their work, there is also value in approaching self-assessment in a structured way.

The intent of the Quality Assurance Program's self-assessment requirement is to support nurses to use the Standards of Practice to complete a thorough assessment of their practice.

The questionnaires

The self-assessment questionnaires encourage you to think about how effectively you are meeting the Professional Standards in your practice. Nurses will complete the self-assessment questionnaire as part of their annual registration renewal.

Peer feedback

Peer feedback is a part of nursing, and you're probably already doing it as part of your practice. Providing and receiving feedback can be a formal or informal process. Examples include:

  • Giving or receiving feedback to or from a colleague on how you or they dealt with a challenging situation
  • A quick hallway conversation about a recently performed nursing activity
  • Debriefing after a critical incident
  • Receiving feedback from a manger on your work
Developing a learning plan

A learning plan is a confidential document nurses create that guides and records the activities they undertake to meet the BCCNP Standards of Practice, as well as their employer’s expectations.

Creating an annual learning plan is one way nurses indicate to the public that they are maintaining their competence to practise and take their professional development obligation seriously. This commitment is an important part of being self-regulated.

Nurses are expected to maintain these records for five years.

Practice hours

RPNs must also meet the requirement of a minimum 1400 practice hours in the past five years.

Returning to practice

RPNs returning to practising registration must also meet the quality assurance activities, as per BCCNP Bylaw 312(1).​

Meeting the deadline

Registrants who do not complete the above requirements before Feb. 28, 2020, and are therefore unable to provide the required annual personal practice review declaration, will not be eligible to renew their practising or provisional registration, and their BCCNP registration will expire March 1, 2020. Working as a nurse without current registratio​​n is against the law and has professional and financial consequences. 


Registrants are expected to keep adequate supporting records to document their compliance with the annual personal practice review requirement (and other requirements of BCCNP's quality assurance program) for at least five years after the end of each calendar year, in accordance with section 302 of BCCNP's bylaws.

These records may be subject to audit by BCCNP under section 303 of the bylaws, and the Quality Assurance Committee may require a registrant to submit information under section 304 of the bylaws to verify their compliance with the personal practice review requirement (and/or other requirements of BCCNP's quality assurance program).

Details of the personal practice review requirement for RPNs are outlined in BCCNP Bylaws Part 6, sections 317.

Quality assurance: an ongoing process

Please note that the changes to the QA Program are to help BCCNP develop a new RPN QA program. As this program evolves, BCCNP will communicate the changes to RPNs.


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