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RPN liability insurance


Important notice for registered psychiatric nurses

The information here relating to Liability Insurance only applies until Oct. 31, 2018. Starting on Nov. 1, 2018, practising registrants, including Interim registrants and Employed Student Psychiatric Nurses, will receive comprehensive professional liability protection and risk management services from the Canadian Nurses Protective Society (CNPS). Learn more​ about the change and CNPS services.​​​​​​​​​​

​Professional liability insurance is a requirement of practising registration. Please see Liability Insurance Registration Requirement​ (PDF) for more information.

​The requirement for liability insurance differs depending on whether you are self-employed or not. BCCNP uses the terms “self-employed” and “independent practice” inter-changeably to refer to registered psychiatric nurses who work for themselves, rather than for an employer, in any aspect of their practice. Please see Independent Practice/Self-employment​ for further information about being self-employed as an RPN.​

I am not self-employed

For Practicing registrants who are not self-employed, suitable liability insurance is included in your registration fees. The policy is administered by Encon Group Inc. through the broker Arthur J.Gallagher (Canada) Gr​​​oup

View​ the current insurance summary.​

I am self-employed

If you are self-employed as an RPN, additional liability insurance must be purchased over and above that included in your registration fees.

A copy of your Certificate of Insurance must be provided to the college when:

  • You first notify us that you are self-employed
  • Upon each renewal, and
  • When you apply to change your registration status to practising after a period of having a non-practising or inactive registration.

Encon Group Inc., the same provider as for the insurance included in the practising registered psychiatric nurse registration fees, offers one option, details of which can be found here. You can apply for this insurance directly through the broker, Arthur J. Gallagher (Canada) Group using this form.

For further information regarding this insurance, please contact Arthur J. Gallagher (Canada) Group directly at their Jack Blick Avenue, Winnipeg branch.

I am unsure if I would be considered to be a self-employed RPN

If you are working in a self-employed capacity and are unsure if your work constitutes psychiatric nursing practice, please contact BCCNP for advice.​

If you are unsure whether your employment status is self-employed, please speak to an insurance professional.