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Practice consultation

BCCNP offers consultation services to LPNs, employers, practical nursing education programs, and the public about LPN practice in BC.

If you are an LPN facing a new or unfamiliar ethical dilemma, or an unfamiliar practice situation, it may be helpful to discuss the matter with a nurse from the BCCNP nursing practice team. Members of the team can advise you on topics related to BCCNP's mandate including:

BCCNP does not provide clinical or legal advice.

  • email​
  • Phone 604.742.6200 
    Toll-free 1.866.880.7101​


Practice consultation is confidential within the limits of the legislation and the LPN's standards of practice​. All nurses, including BCCNP staff, have a duty to take action when they learn of an LPN with professional misconduct, incompetence or impaired practice. LPNs are required to report this information to BCCNP's inquiry & discipline program.​