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Quality Assurance for LPNs

BCCNP has introduced new QA requirements for LPNs in 2019. Below is some information to help LPNs prepare for registration renewal and the coming year.

Meeting new quality assurance requirements

The biggest change? All practising and provisional LPN registrants will complete a self-assessment during registration renewal using the BCCNP Professional Standards for LPNs.

Once they have renewed their registration, LPNs will be required to seek peer feedback on their nursing practice, and create a professional development plan, that includes at least two learning goals, and activities to achieve those goals. Finally, LPNs will then evaluate the impact of their learning on their practice. This is the annual QA cycle for all nurses in B.C.

BCCNP will provide additional information and resources for LPNs in the coming months, to support them as they transition to this QA cycle.

Non-practising LPNs

Once they have renewed their registration, LPNs who hold non-practising status will be expected to:

  • develop and implement a professional development plan; and
  • evaluate the impact of their professional development plan on their practice

Returning to practice

LPNs reinstating to practising registration must also meet the quality assurance activities, as per BCCNP Bylaws.


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What do I have to do before renewal?

To prepare for registration renewal, we recommend you review the Professional Standards for Licensed Practical Nurses, and then the self-assessment questionnaire relevant to your practice (choose "clinical" if you spend more than 50% of your time in direct client care, "non-clinical" if it's less than 50%).

You'll answer these self-assessment questions as part of your registration renewal—right in the renewal form, in fact—but it's helpful to review the questions in advance, reflect on your practice, and where you'd like to focus your professional development for next year.  

What happens during registration renewal?

​When you log in to renew your registration, you'll complete the self-assessment questionnaire as one of the steps in your renewal process. You'll also be asked to report on your practice hours.

Do I have to submit anything to BCCNP?

​No. You'll report the information BCCNP needs during registration renewal, so you don't need to worry about sending or submitting anything to the college.

Remember to keep any records of your QA activities (i.e., peer feedback you receive, professional development plans), should BCCNP ask to see them in the future.

What happens after I've renewed my registration?

​Once you've renewed your registration, you can begin your QA activities for the upcoming year. Seeking peer feedback, and then reflecting on that feedback and your self-assessment will help you to identify opportunities for improvement. You'll then create a professional development plan. You'll want to consider what you identified as an opportunity for improvement in your self-assessment, then create a professional development plan for the year.

You'll also want to identify some colleagues who can provide you with informal feedback on your practice. Peer feedback is a great way to help identify areas of your practice to focus on.

A note on recordkeeping

Nurses are expected to keep supporting records to document their compliance with BCCNP's annual quality assurance program requirements for at least five years after the end of each calendar year, in accordance with section 302 of BCCNP's bylaws.

These records may be subject to audit by BCCNP under section 303 of the bylaws, and the Quality Assurance Committee may require a registrant to submit information under section 304 of the bylaws to verify their compliance with requirements of BCCNP's quality assurance program.

 Self-assessment questionnaires


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