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Jurisprudence exam

About jurisprudence

Nursing jurisprudence is the study and application of law as it relates to the legal principles, regulations and standards that govern the practice of nursing.

Jurisprudence has two parts: an education module and an exam. Together they help LPNs understand and apply the LPN Standards of Practice and the legislation that govern LPN practice in B.C.

LPNs must successfully complete Jurisprudence to meet the quality assurance requirement to renew their registration. Successfully completing jurisprudence means the LPN has no significant gaps in their ability to understand and apply the standards and legislation that govern LPN practice in B.C.

The exam is online and open-book. There are resources linked to each of the exam questions. LPNs can start and stop the exam and the system will bookmark their progress. There are 70 multiple–choice questions on the exam. Four of these questions are experimental (questions we test with exam writers) and do not count toward the LPN’s final score.

LPNs who are scheduled for Jurisprudence in 2018 must complete their first exam by July 3, 2018. The first Jurisprudence exam attempt is always free! Additional attempts cost $75 each.

Practising LPNs are assigned to write the jurisprudence exam once every three years. Practising LPNs who become inactive or change their status to another registration category and have jurisprudence as an outstanding quality assurance requirement, will need to successfully complete the exam before they can reinstate to practising registration. LPNs holding non-practising, interim, limited or temporary registration do not write the exam. LPNs who are renewing their practising registration for the first time are assigned to write the jurisprudence exam the following year.

When it is your year to complete jurisprudence, BCCNP will send you an email with instructions. To view your jurisprudence schedule now, log in to your BCCNP account.​

 Need more information?

 LPNs in the 2018 cohort

Attention 2016, 2017 and 2018 exam cohorts

You must have successfully completed a jurisprudence exam to meet the LPN Quality Assurance requirement to renew your practising registration.

Not sure if you’ve successfully completed jurisprudence? Check your schedule by signing in to your BCCNP account. If you are still scheduled for 2016, 2017 or 2018, jurisprudence is an outstanding quality assurance requirement for you.

Remember, you need to complete a jurisprudence exam with no significant gaps before Nov. 1 to be eligible to renew your practising registration for 2019.

 Tips for success

  • Take your time answering each question
  • Take breaks as needed while doing the exam
  • View the "links to resources" for each exam question. These resources will help you choose the right answer.