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Nurse practitioner (NP) application

 B.C. educated NPs

If you graduated from an NP program in B.C., you must apply for BCCNP registration and apply to complete the written and clinical registration examinations.

How to register

 NPs educated outside of B.C.

If you completed an NP program outside of B.C., you are eligible to apply for registration. You may be required to undergo a competence assessment process. All applicants must complete the written and clinical examinations.

How to register

 English requirements

BCCNP's English fluency requirements include the following:

  • only CELBAN and IELTS exams will be accepted
  • new minimum score will be in effect

Please see the English Test fact sheet for details.

 Delays & complex applications

Please have all the necessary documents and information on hand before beginning the registration process.

Complex applications take longer to review and process.

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