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Provisional registration

In British Columbia, only registered nurse practitioners can call themselves nurse practitioners or registered nurse practitioners. One exception to this is that individuals with provisional registration as a nurse practitioner can call themselves “nurse practitioner (provisional).”


To qualify for nurse practitioner (provisional) registration, an applicant must have applied to take, or be awaiting the results of, the nurse practitioner examinations and have met all the other requirements for nurse practitioner registration.

Use of title 

Individuals with nurse practitioner (provisional) registration may call themselves a “nurse practitioner (provisional).”


Nurse practitioners (provisional) must be monitored by a nurse practitioner registered with BCCNP or by a physician in good standing with the College of Physicians and Surgeons of British Columbia.

Nurse practitioners (provisional) do not have authority to independently order diagnostic tests or prescribe medications.

Monitoring defined

The monitoring physician/nurse practitioner is responsible for ensuring that the practice of the nurse practitioner (provisional) is safe and at the level of nurse practitioner practice, which includes the assessment, diagnosis and management of clients’ health as set out in BCCNP's Scope of Practice for Nurse Practitioners Standards, Limits and Conditions. The methods of monitored practice need to be worked out between the nurse practitioner (provisional) and the monitoring physician/nurse practitioner, but should include activities such as:

  • regularly reviewing the nurse practitioner’s (provisional) assessments of clients’ health, differential diagnoses and/or diagnosis,
  • regularly reviewing/discussing recommendations and treatments/interventions made or to be made by the nurse practitioner (provisional), and
  • signing all prescriptions and diagnostic tests.

The monitoring physician/nurse practitioner should be on site and/or readily available so that the nurse practitioner (provisional) can consult and or collaborate as needed depending on either the learning needs of the nurse practitioner (provisional) or the needs of the client, which may be beyond the competence of the nurse practitioner (provisional).


Provisional registration must be renewed annually by Feb. 28 (Feb. 29 on a leap year).

Nurse practitioners (provisional) must meet annual registration renewal requirements.

Process for obtaining provisional registration

Contact BCCNP for more information on obtaining provisional registration.