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RN and NP applications & registration renewal

Information and instructions for registered nurse and nurse practitioner applications & registration renewal.


For first-time applicants

Registered nurse​

How to apply​Exam (NCLEX)​

Employed student

How to apply

Nurse practitioner

How to apply Exam (OSCE)

Learn more about:

Certified practiceProvisional registration​Temporary registration​​

Registration renewal​​​​​​

RenewFrequently asked questionsChanging your registration status during renewal

Reinstatement & conversion​​

Former registrants can apply for pract​ising or non-practising re​gistration. Practising registrants can apply to convert to non-practising registration.

How to rein​state or convert your registration​​​

Criminal Record Check​​

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Tax recei​pts

Sign in to your account and click the Tax Receipt tab, located on the left-hand column.

V​​​erification & document transfer requests

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