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Provisional registration

Provisional registration is granted to qualified applicants who have outstanding registration requirements to meet. Those granted provisional registration are assigned specific conditions that must be met to be eligible for practising RN or NP registration. When these conditions are met​, provisional registration is automatically converted to practising registration.

Temporary registration is reserved for time limited emergencies only. If you have any questions about this, please email

​It is illegal to practise registered nursing without registration. If you are found to be practising without registration, you will be referred to BCCNP Professional Conduct Review for investigation.

 Use of title

​If you are a registered nurse, you may use: 
  • "Registered Nurse (Provisional)"
  • "RN (P)"
  • "Provisional Nurse"


If you are a nurse p​ractitioner, you may use:

  • "Nurse Practitioner (category) (Provisional)"
  • "NP (category) (Provisional)"
  • "NP (category)(P)"​​​