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Leaving or returning to nursing practice

Fee changes effective March 1, 2020 

Effective March 1, 2020, reinstatement applications to practising registration will cost $225+GST, an increase of $125+GST for NPs, RNs and RPNs. ​​Refund processing (when a registrant requests to cancel registration) will be reduced from $100+GST to $75+GST.

The following content includes information about maternity/paternity leave​ and disability/illness leave.

Wh​​at you need to know

  • Each time you change your registration status, you must pay a non-refundable $105 change status fee (includes GST) in addition to the registration fees. 
  • There is a $300 fee for working or volunteering as a nurse without practising registration. This fee is in addition to​ the registration and change status fees. Working without registration is illegal and taken seriously by BCCNP.

What would you like​​ t​​o do? 

I am returnin​​g to nursi​​​ng practice ​
(reinstating from non-practising or inactive to practising registration)

I am leaving nurs​i​​​ng practice ​​
(converting from practising to non-practising or inactive registration)

 A closer look

Registration status comparison

All ch​ange status applications are charged a non-refundable $105 change status fee (includes GST) in addition to the registration fees.

Practising​Non-practisingFormer registrant
2019 annual feeRN $629.43NP $908.96RN $87.84NP $87.84$0
Am I registrant of BCCNP?YesYesNo
Can I practise or volunteer as a nurse in B.C.?YesNoNo
Will I get communication from BCCNP?Yes. You receive Nursing Matters and any special bulletins.Yes. You receive Nursing Matters and any special bulletins.No
Can I still call myself a nurse/RN/NP?Yes. You can use a variety of titles depending on your qualifications. Learn more

No. However, you can use the follow titles depending on your qualifications:

  • non-practising registered nurse
  • retired registered nurse
  • non-practising licensed graduate nurse
  • non-practising nurse practitioner
  • retired nurse practitioner
No. You cannot use the title "nurse," registered nurse," the abbreviation "RN," or any of the options in the non-practising category.
Can I be a member of a BCCNP committee?Yes, if you are in good standing with the College (subject to specific committee composition requirements).Yes, if you are in good standing with the College (subject to specific committee composition requirements).No
How long does it take?

If you meet all requirements for registration, your application should be processed within 10 business days. Your application will be delayed if you do not provide all of the required information or if you have not met all of the requirements.

EIPH/PCR registrants

​If ​you are in the Early Intervention Program (Health) or the Professional Conduct Review (PCR) process you are exempt from the $100 change status fee.

Delays & complex applications

Please have all the necessary documents and information on hand before beginning the registration process.

​Complex applications take longer to review and process.