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Delays & complex applications

Some applications are more complex than others and may require additional consideration.

​​​Our mandate is to protect the public.

We review every application for registration* to determine if an applicant meets BCCNP's eligibility requirements. Some applications are more complex than others and require additional consideration. Complex cases ​may take several months for the BCCNP Registration Committee to process and review the relevant information.

Examples of complex files include, but are not limited to, applications from:

  • former registrants previously in BCCNP's inquiry or discipline process
  • former registrants previously in BCCNP's Early Intervention​​ Program – Health
  • applicants who suffer from a health condition that impairs or may impair their ability to practise
  • applicants from other jurisdictions who were previously in a health regulator's inquiry or discipline process
  • applicants charged or convicted of a criminal offence
  • applicants who may have submitted inaccurate information in their application

How to apply for p​​ractising statu​​s

  • complete and submit your application ​and documents as outlined on our website
  • pay the applicable fees

Complex ap​​plications

If your application is identified as "complex," it will be assigned to a BCCNP staff member. Our staff will liaise directly with you about any additional information the Registration ​Committee​ requires. Some examples of additional information may include information from an appropriate third party or a written submission from you.

Once all the required materials have been compiled, the file is presented to the Registration Committee for a decision. 

Possible outcomes include the following:

  • additional registration requirements must be met prior to being eligible for practising registration
  • granted practising registration
  • granted practising registration with terms, limits or conditions
  • not eligible for practising registration at this time

*Application types for registration include the following applications:

  • initial registration
  • reinstatement of registration/changing registration status
  • registration renewal