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Canadian applicant

If you are currently registered as an RPN in Alberta, Manitoba and/or Saskatchewan and would like to become registered as an RPN in BC, please follow the instructions below.  ​​​​

Delays expected for some applications

The College of Nurses of Ontario (CNO) is resuming normal operations following a closure due to a cyber security incident. Applicants who are currently or were previously registered in Ontario may experience delays in the assessment of their application if we have not received your registration verification from CNO. Visit the CNO website for updates.​​

1. Prepare your documents

​Your BCCNP application will be completed online, but you'll need to provide some additional documentation: 

Note: Your documents must be current within 60 days of your completed application. 

2. Apply
  • Create a BCCNP account
  • Complete and submit your application for RPN registration, including required documents and the assessment fee. You will be given the option of applying for provisional registration when completing this application form. ​

Note: As part of your application, you will be asked to consent to a Criminal Records Review Act criminal record check​. Learn more.

3. Review by BCCNP

​Our review of your initial application may indicate that further documentation is required. If so, we will request this from you directly. 

4. Application approval and payment

​If your application is approved, you will recieve an email containing instructions detailing how to pay for your registration. Only once payment is made will your registration be granted. 

 Ready to apply?

​​The online application process takes 20-30 minutes.

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