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Registration committee

The Registration Committee is the highest authority at BCCNP for making registration decisions, and its authority is set out by the Health Professions Act and BCCNP bylaws. ​

Applicati​​​​on process

The BCCNP bylaws and policies outline the requirements for registration. Staff use these to review registration applications and inform applicants of the steps they must take to become registered. 

Applications are only brought to the BCCNP registration committee when the application is not rout​ine in nature​ or when an applicant wants the committee to review a staff decision. Applicants do not appear before the committee in person, but can address the committee in writing.​

When your application is reviewed by the Registration Committee, the following steps are usually taken:
  • Staff email you and let you know that your BCCNP application and supporting documentation will be reviewed by the committee. The committee will make a decision about registration requirements.
  • Staff will ask you to submit a letter addressed to the committee, along with any information and/or documentation not previously submitted that you want the committee to consider. When you are deciding what additional information you want to provide, it is important to remember that the committee’s job is to protect the public.
  • Once staff have everything they need, and you confirm that no additional information will be submitted, staff will prepare the file for an upcoming meeting. All documents must be submitted at least two weeks before the meeting date.
  • The date assigned to review your file by the committee depends on when your file is complete and the volume of other files being reviewed. 
  • During the meeting, the committee considers the information submitted and determines the registration requirements you must meet to be eligible for registration. Their decisions are guided by the Health Professions Act, the BCCNP bylaws and BCCNP policies.
  • Decisions are not official until the minutes are approved by committee members. You can expect to receive the decision by email within 30 business days of the meeting.​​

 Registration Committee Decisions

​​Committee decisions are posted when directed by the Registration Committee.​
Jan. 23, 2020: Name withheld
​​​In November 2019, BCCNP determined an RN Applicant required limits and conditions on practice, pursuant to Section 20(2.1) of the Health Professions Act. The RN Applicant was reviewed for good character and fitness concerns, as a result of providing false information to the College, misappropriating medications while in practice, and obtaining a diagnosis of substance use disorder by a medical expert. 

Any limits and conditions applied to practice by the Registration Committee under section 20(2.1) of the Act are made to protect the public.


 Who is the Registration Committee?

The registration committee is made up of nursing professionals and public representatives who have been appointed by the BCCNP board.​Meetings have a mix of registrant members and public members in attendance. ​​