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Employed student nurse registration (RN)

​​Registration with BCCNP is mandatory for all nursing students employed as an employed student nurse in a B.C. health care setting.

​Getting started

Before starting your application, notarize* and scan your identification document(s), e.g., driver's licence, passport, birth certificate, and marriage certificate.

Submit one notarized identification document that includes your birth name. If you legally changed your name, submit one notarized document for each of your past or present​ legal names.

Whether you have a job offer or not, you can apply for employed student nurse registration. However, we cannot grant you registration until you have submitted the Confirmation of Enrolment and Employment​ form (Form 10.1).

If you have already been granted employed student registration in the past, then ​​you do not need to submit your identity ​documents​ again.

*Notarization: Take your identity documents to a notary public or lawyer to be notarized.​​

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 Fee changes for 2020-21

​​​Application fees are increasing for 2020-21. Learn more​.

 Delays & complex applications

Please have all the necessary documents and information on hand before beginning the registration process.

Complex applications take longer to review and process.

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​​​​We​​ strongly recommend  you read the FAQs​ before applying for registration.


The Employed Student Registration (ESR) application fee is $150, which you pay when you apply.

In addition, you will pay the ESR registration fee when you complete your application.

Click here for more information about current fees.​