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LPN application

 B.C. grads

Apply in this category if you graduated from a BCCNP-recognized practical nursing education program​ in B.C.​​

How to apply

 Nurse from another province or territory

​Apply as a Canadian LPN if you graduated from or were registered as an LPN in another Canadian province or territory. 

How to apply

 Internationally-educated nurses

Apply under the internationally educated nurse category if you were educated as a nurse outside of Canada. Before applying for registration with BCCNP, you must first apply to the National Nursing Assessment Service (NNAS).​​

How to apply

 Fee changes for 2020-21

​Application fees will increase for 2020-21. Learn more​

 Categories of LPN registration

​There are five categories of LPN registration in B.C.​

  • Practising 
  • Provisional
  • Non-practising
  • Temporary (emergency)

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