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Registration categories

Five categories of LPN registration in BC:




Temporary (emergency)

Temporary (special event)

Practising Reg​istration

An LPN holding practising registration can provide practical nursing services to clients in B.C., and use the title Licensed Practical Nurse, Practical Nurse, Nurse or LPN. Practising registration expires on December 31 of each year. LPNs must renew before Dec. 31 to continue practising in BC.

BBCNP may grant practising registration if you have:

  1. graduated from a recognized practical nursing (PN) education program, or equivalent;
  2. passed the Canadian Practical Nurse Registration Examination (CPNRE®);
  3. provided BCCNP with evidence of good character, fitness to practise, competence and English language proficiency; and
  4. submitted all of the required forms, documents, and fees to BCCNP. 

Provisional Registration​​

An LPN holding provisional registration can provide practical nursing services to clients in B.C. subject to any limits and/or conditions imposed by the registration committee. These registrants may use the title licensed practical nurse (provisional), provisional LPN, provisional nurse, or LPN(P). It is granted to qualified applicants who have outstanding registration requirements to meet. Those granted provisional registration are assigned specific conditions that must be met to be eligible for practising LPN registration. 


Non-practising Registratio​​n

A non-practising LPN cannot work, volunteer nor practise practical nursing in BC. Non-practising registration expires on Dec. 31 of each year. Non-practising LPNs must renew before Dec. 31 of each year to stay on the BCCNP public register. Non-practising LPNs continue to receive important messages from BCCNP about LPN practice in BC. Non-practising registrants can use the title “non-practising licensed practical nurse” or “non-practising LPN”.

BCCNP may grant non-practising registration if you:

  1. are eligible for practising registration with BCCNP, and
  2. have submitted all of the required forms, documents, and fees to BCCNP.

IMPORTANT NOTE: To change your registration from non-practising to practising after 2018, BCCNP requires you to have worked 1,125 hours within the last five years. See the LPN Practice Hours for more information.​

Temporary (emergency) Regis​tration

BCCNP may grant temporary registration if there is a natural disaster/catastrophic event in B.C. and the public needs the services of additional LPNs. An LPN holding temporary registration may use the title Temporary Licensed Practical Nurse or LPN (T). BCCNP can grant temporary registration for up to 90 days. If the emergency continues, the registration may be renewed.

In an emergency, BCCNP may grant temporary registration if you:

  • hold current practising registration in another jurisdiction, without limitations, restrictions or conditions or you are eligible for reinstatement with BCCNP;
  • hold current non-practising LPN registration, are in good standing and meet the practice hours requirement.
  • are a former registrant in good standing and meet the practice hours requirement. 
  • belong to Canadian or US armed forces or you authorize current or former employers to provide references regarding your nursing practice; and
  • sign a decl​aration that you are applying for temporary registration for the purpose of providing assistance during the emergency situation.

Apply for Temporary (emergency) registration

Temporary (special event) Registration

Temporary (special event) registration can be issued for up to 90 days to qualified Canadian licensed practical nurses participating in a special event. A special event is a non-routine activity that is time limited, such as a conference or special gathering of people, or a clinical education program.      

Please note: As of September 1, 2020, Temporary (special event) registration will no longer be offered. Applicants will be required to apply for practising registration or reinstate their registration, and will be eligible for a pro-rated refund if they cancel their registration following the event. Please contact for more details.