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When is the registration renewal period for LPNs?

​Registration renewal opens on November 1 and closes on December 31st at 4:30 pm PST. You must submit your annual registration renewal application and pay outstanding​ fees by this deadline. Your application will be considered incomplete if we have not received the application and/or the required fees. Incomplete applications are cancelled when the deadline passes.

What happens if I do not renew or forget to renew my practising registration before it expires?
LPNs who fail to renew their annual registration are not registrants of BCCNP. You cannot practise/work as an LPN or use the title LPN and you may not continue practising in an LPN role until your registration is reinstated.  
If you practise/work without valid BCCNP registration, even accidentally, you are participating in unregistered practice. In addition to reinstating your registration and paying your registration fees, you’ll have to pay:
  • $200+GST reinstatement fee
  • $300+GST status change surcharge (unregistered practice)
Individuals who continue to practise without current practising registration are in breach of the Health Professions Act and may be subject to prosecution under the Offense Act or to an application in Supreme Court for an injunction against them.
We advise you to renew your registration well before the deadline to ensure that your application and fee were received and processed. We also recommend that you verify your registration on the public register​ prior to the end of the year, to confirm your eligibility to practice as an LPN.
What happens if I work in BC without a practising registration?

​If you work without practising registration, even accidentally, you are participating in unregistered practice, an offence under section 51 of the Health Professions Act. You will be subject to additional fees and surcharges to reinstate your registration, and may be held personally liable for claims during this period because your liability insurance is not valid. Learn more about unregistered practice.

How should I renew if I am planning to take a leave of absence?

BCCNP understands that each registrant has their own individual set of circumstances. It is up to each registrant to understand their options and decide which one is best for them.

Current practising registrants have three choices at renewal:

  • Renew as practising
    You are ready to return to practice any time in the next year.
  • Renew as non-practising
    You will need to convert your registration before you can return to practise. You complete the application and pay the fees online. Don't leave it to the last minute - the time it takes to process your application varies.
  • Do not renew
    Email​ with your name and registration number to notify us of your decision. When you choose to return to practise, you must submit an application for reinstatement.The time it takes to process your application depends on when you last practised as an LPN, so don't leave it to the last minute.​

The LPN practice hours​ requirement applies to all three options. If you do not meet the practice hour requirement, you will not be eligible for conversion from non-practising to practising or reinstatement of your non-practising or practising registration. Effective for 2018 annual renewal, if you do not meet the practice hour requirement you will not be able to renew your practising registration.​​​​​​

What can I use my BCCNP account for?

​Your BCCNP account can be used for the following:

  • Access to registration applications and renewal
  • Access to your quality assurance information
  • Update your contact information (address, phone #, and email address)
  • Update or add new employer information
  • View or print your annual renewal tax receipt
  • Pay outstanding fees


I have more than one email address. Which one do I use to verify my account?

​Use the email address where you receive BCCNP's newsletter. If you do not receive the newsletter, email the registration team. After we verify your identity, we can confirm the email address on your account. If your email address has changed, you can still sign in with the old email address and your BCCNP password. Then select to update your contact information and change to your new email address.

I can't remember my registration number — how can I find out what it is?

Log into "My Account" using the email address and password you used to renew your registration.

Are there measures in place to ensure that payments made over the website are secure?

Yes. BCCNP does not retain any personal banking information transmitted over the Internet. The information is retained by Moneris, which is the largest processor of transactions in Canada. Moneris also has enhanced security mechanisms to ensure the security of financial information.

What should I do if I am not renewing my registration?

​If you do not plan to renew your registration, then email​ with your name and registration number to notify us of your decision. Learn more about your renewal options.

How many hours do I have to work each year to keep my LPN registration?

LPNs will need to work a minimum of 1,125 hours over five years to renew their practising registration. Learn more about the practice hours requirement and your options if you do not have enough hours to renew your practising registration.

What payment options are available?
What do I do if I get this message when I try to login to my account "The email or password you entered may not be correct or you do not have an account?"
This message will appear for one or more of the following reasons:
  • You haven't created your account
  • The email address you have entered is different from the address in your BCCNP record
  • The password you entered does not match the one you created. Remember that one of the characters must be a capital letter. If you cannot remember your password, click on "Forgot my password" and follow the steps to reset it.
How do I get a tax receipt for my registration renewal fees?

​Tax receipts for LPNs are available in early January after the renewal period is closed. Eligible fees paid between January 1 and December 31 of one year will be on the tax receipt for the next immediate year. You can access your tax receipt by logging back into your BCCNP account in January.

I'm due for a criminal record re-check. How do I pay for it?

The cost of criminal record checks and rechecks are now included in your registration fee. If you are due for a re-check, you will be asked to consent to a re-check on your renewal application. We’ll take care of the rest and will contact you if further information or action is required. Learn more about the CRC process.