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Dispensing "Pass" Medication

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Your long term care resident is going out for dinner with her family. There is an order from her doctor for 6 p.m. medications. These medications have been dispensed by the pharmac​y. What is your responsibility?

A: Label and package the medications and give them to the resident after providing the appropriate education.

B: Refer the resident to her doctor because it is not within scope of practice for LPNs to dispense medications.

C: Put the medications into a sealed envelope and tell the resident when to take them.

D: Administer the medications just before the resident leaves the facility to ensure they are ta​ken appropriately.

Always review your employer policy as it may place further restrictions on dispensing medications than the Nurses (Licensed Practical) Regulation and BCCNP LPN standards, limits and conditions. (See the Dispensing Medications Practice Standard).​​​​​​