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Certified Practice

BCCNP-certified practices are restricted activities that RNs can't carry out until they've been certified by BCCNP.

Important update about DSTs and Competencies

BCCNP on March 5, 2020, transferred responsibility for the Certified Practice DSTs and Competencies to the Nurses and Nurse Practitioners of BC. Visit their website to access the DSTs.

What is BCCNP-Certified Practice?

Registered nurses who are certified by BCCNP are allowed to perform certain restricted activities within their autonomous scope of practice. Decision support tools (DSTs) set out the activities that are included in the certified practice.

Certified practices are outlined in Section 8 of the Nurses (Registered) and Nurse Practitione​rs Regulation and set out within the DSTs. Certified practices are carried out autonomously and the registered nurse is solely accountable for the diagnosis and treatment of the client. Certification allows registered nurses to:

  • Diagnose some diseases and disorders (as set out in decision support tools)
  • Carry out some restricted activities autonomously (as set out in decision support tools) that would otherwise require an order, e.g., administering, compounding or dispensing Schedule I medications​

Certified practice areas include: Contraceptive Management, Remote Nursing, RN First Call and Sexually Transmitted Infections.

The DSTs and competencies for each area are maintained by the Nurses and Nurse Practitioners of BC (NNPBC).

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Medical Service Plan

​​RNs with ce​rtified practice can now refer eligible patients/clients for select laboratory tests in accordance with the RN(C)’s scope of practice.

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Contact the Medical Services Plan

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