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Controlled drugs and substances (CDS) prescribing

NP prescribing of controlled drugs and substances

Prescribing controlled drugs and substances (CDS) is within the scope of practice for nurse practitioners.

NPs are authorized to compound, administer and dispense all drugs they have the authority to prescribe.

Before prescribing, NPs must meet specific BCCNP requirements:

There are additional requirements for prescribing in the areas of:

For requirements and information on cannabis


If you have questions about the prescribing standards limits or conditions

For questions specifically about Controlled Prescription Program email .


Do you have a concern about an NP's prescribing?

BCCNP recommends

  • if possible, you discuss the problem directly with the NP, the NP's supervisor or both.

  • if your concern is not resolved to your satisfaction after speaking to the NP and/or supervisor, consider pursuing the matter with the Patient Care Quality Office and/or health care agency where the NP works.

Regardless of how (or whether) you attempt to address your concern directly with the NP or health care agency, you can always submit a written complaint to BCCNP.

 Need help or advice?

​​​For further information on the Standards of Practice or professional practice matters, contact us:

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