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Controlled drugs and substances (CDS) prescribing

NP prescribing of controlled drugs and substances

Prescribing, compounding, dispensing and administering controlled drugs and substances is within the scope of nurse practitioner practice.


NPs who meet the requirements can prescribe, compound, administer and dispense controlled drugs and substances in accordance with the NP Scope of Practice standards, including

  • Prescribing Drugs standards, limits and conditions, and
  • Opioid Agonist Treatment Prescribing for Opioid Use Disorder standards, limits and conditions

See the Scope of Practice for Nurse Practitioners.


BCCNP's QA Committee oversees BCCNP's prescription review program, which includes monitoring and reviewing NP prescribing to identify trends and issues. This includes reviewing PharmaNet data.


NPs who wish to prescribe controlled drugs and substances must work with their employer to ensure they meet all agency standards and policies, and must have obtained the required access to PharmaNet.

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