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Part 5: Medical assistance in dying


Many of the competencies required for aiding in the provision of medical assistance in dying (MAiD) are entry to practice competencies for registered nurses including providing end of life care, supporting access to information, providing holistic client-care, providing education and collaborating with the health care team.

Registered Nurses who are aiding in the provision of MAiD require additional education to inform them about the following  competencies:

  • provide end of life care specific to MAiD
  • discuss a client’s request for MAiD including understanding the client’s motivation (e.g. pain, emotional or physical distress), providing information, and helping to ensure that the client understands the options available related to end-of-life care
  • understand requirements for a client requesting MAiD including understanding the legislative requirements such as eligibility, witnessing consent, use of forms and documentation
  • understand their role as a nurse in aiding in the provision of MAiD including:
    • responding to the client’s request for MAiD
    • participating in decision-making with the health care team including sharing information and consulting on the client’s request for MAiD

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