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Taking action on concerns about practice

Nurses have a responsibility to take action when they see unsafe practice or unprofessional conduct.

If it appears that your concerns are not being addressed and clients continue to be at risk, you may need to report directly to CRNBC. The Duty to Report Practice Standard outlines this process. Inform your manager of your plan.

If you are a manager, supervisor, or employer

Under the Health Professions Act, you must report to the appropriate college if you have reasonable and probable grounds, based on evidence, to believe that an individual’s continued practice might constitute a danger to the public. Employers must report to CRNBC when a nurse’s employment is terminated based on an evidenced belief that the failure to do so might constitute a danger to clients.

Behaviours of concern to the College include those that put clients at risk and are practice related. These include behaviour related to drug use, boundary violations, sexual misconduct, abuse and fraud. Those issues likely to be outside the College’s mandate/authority include interpersonal conflicts, rudeness, employer-employee relations, complaints against health care facilities, clinics or agencies, and other regulated or non-regulated care providers.

How do I report to CRNBC?

Complaints must be in writing and contain enough clear and specific detail to allow CRNBC to evaluate the information and know what specifically to investigate.

As much as possible, the complaint should outline the evidence available to support the allegations. This may include witness reports, results of health records audits/reviews, examples of specific incidents with dates, times and those involved and other relevant, specific information that supports the allegations in the complaint. It should also detail the steps the employer has taken to limit the risks the nurse’s practice poses to clients. Here are some examples of letters of complaint:

See Complaints and concerns to learn more about submitting a written complaint to CRNBC. If you have questions, call the Nursing Concerns Coordinator at 604.736.7331 ext. 202 in Metro Vancouver or toll-free 1.800.565.6505 in Canada.

Reporting to other regulatory bodies

Reporting to the appropriate regulatory body is required when there is a reason to believe that there is a risk to clients if the person continues to practise. B.C.’s health regulatory bodies each have a process for investigating and resolving complaints about the health care professionals they regulate. Visit the BC Health Regulators website for more information.