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Practice Standards

For registered psychiatric nurses

Practice Standards set out baseline requirements for specific aspects of registered psychiatric nurses’ practice. They interact with other requirements such as the BCCNP RPN Standards of Practice, the BCCNP Bylaws and relevant legislation.

The Scope of Practice Standard for RPNs: Autonomous Scope of Practice and Client-specific Orders support each practice standard and outline the requirements for RPNs when they are acting within autonomous scope of practice, acting on client-specific orders and giving client-specific orders.

Standard title Last Updated
Appropriate Use of Title Sep 29, 2017
Boundaries in the Nurse-Client Relationship Jul 22, 2019
Conflict of Interest Jul 22, 2019
Consent Sep 29, 2017
Dispensing Medications Dec 08, 2016
Documentation New Jul 22, 2019
Duty to Provide Care New Jul 22, 2019
Duty to Report New Jul 22, 2019
Employed Student Psychiatric Nurse Registrants Sep 29, 2017
Medication Administration Apr 01, 2016
Privacy and Confidentiality New Jul 22, 2019
Regulatory Supervision of Psychiatric Nursing Student Activities Sep 29, 2017

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