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Opioid crisis resource centre

On April 14, 2016, B.C.'s provincial health officer declared a public health emergency under the Public Health Act due to the significant rise in opioid-related overdose deaths reported in B.C. This emergency has continued into 2019.


During this public health crisis, nurses are working in new ways with other health care providers, first responders, service groups, non-profit organizations, volunteers and others to provide care.

Nurses work in the best interests of cli​​​​ents to prevent morbidity and mortality in these complex and changing situations, recognizing that some methods and approaches to service provision are new and emerging.

Meeting standards

It's important to remember that even in situations where you cannot provide optimal client care due to circumstances beyond your control (such as working without adequate resources, in an unfamiliar area, or with an increased client load), you can still meet your Professional ​Standards. These situations are usually beyond a nurse's individual control and often require a systems approach for resolution.  

As a nurse, you are responsible for providing the best nursing care possible under the circumstances, setting priorities, using your critical thinking and professional judgement, communicating with your employer, and participating in efforts to improv​e clinical care. The Duty to Provide Care practice standard provides more information and guidance.