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Confidentiality case study: part 2

This is the second part of our look at maintaining client confidentiality when personal and professional lives intersect.

In part 1 of this case study, your friend Sally met your former client John at a party. You know that John has a serious illness and has been hospitalized in the past.


Sally and John have been dating for a few months now. When you're together, John is friendly but has never acknowledged that you were his nurse. John is now displaying symptoms that his illness has returned, and Sally is really worried. She asks for your advice as a nurse.

What would you do?

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A: Advise Sally to ask John about his health.

B: Tell Sally you know what's wrong with John but you can't discuss it.

C: Tell Sally what is likely going on with John's health, since he's not your client anymore.

D: Tell Sally that you were John's nurse, but you can't talk about his health unless he gives you permission.

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