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Employed Students

Employed student registrants: practice responsibilities

Students registered with BCCNP as employed student nurses (ESNs) or employed student psychiatric nurses (ESPNs) may carry out nursing activities as a registrant. Employed student registrant (ESR) practice is about consolidating current learning by working within the competencies attained in an educational program.

The BCCNP practice standard Use of Title requires ESRs to use the titles "Employed Student Nurse" and "ESN" or "Employed Student Psychiatric Nurse" and "ESPN" to inform others that the student's registration status is that of a learner and not a fully qualified professional. 

ESRs are responsible and accountable for their practice. The documents referenced below apply to ESRs even if the documents refer to practising nurses. If an ESR has a practice concern, they should speak with their supervising nurse first and, if necessary, contact a BCCNP Regulatory Practice Consultation at

Employed student nurse/psychiatric nurse registrants must:

  • maintain current registration with BCCNP
  • maintain enrollment in a recognized entry-level nursing or psychiatric nursing education program
  • work only in the authorized workplace
  • work under the supervision of a named RN, NP or RPN who is physically present and readily available to provide direction. Note that LPNs are not authorized to supervise ESNs or ESPNs
  • never be solely responsible for the care of clients
  • work within the competencies they have attained in their educational program
  • practice within their competence level and in accordance with BCCNP Standards of Practice and employer policies specific to the role of the ESR
  • not supervise other staff, volunteers, contractors or nursing students

Standards Specific to Employed Student Registrants

The following practice standards are specific to ESRs:

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Can I work as a camp nurse while I’m a student?

In order to work as a nursing student in a health care setting, you must be registered with BCCNP as an employed student registrant.

Your employer would need to designate a manager or nurse supervisor for you to report to and make sure a nurse with the appropriate scope of practice was physically present to provide regulatory supervision when you were working.

As an employed student registrant, you would need to meet the requirements set out in the Employed Student Registrants practice standard.

Do I have to be registered with BCCNP if I want to work as a health care aide or a medical office assistant?

​No, you are only required to register when you are working in an employed student registrant role.

 Need help or advice?

​​​For further information on the Standards of Practice or professional practice matters, contact us:

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  • 604.742.6200 x8803 (Metro Vancouver)
  • Toll-free 1.866.880.7101 x8803 (within Canada only)