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Notice for NP prescribers: codeine liquid preparations rescheduled, will now require CPP duplicate form

Jan 6, 2020

The new saftey measures for liquid codeine preparations are now in effect. Please refer to this College of Pharmacists of BC announcement for specific codeine-containing liquid preparations included in the schedule change.

Original announcement (posted Nov. 4, 2019)

Beginning Jan. 2, 2020, prescriptions for certain codeine-containing liquid preparations will require a Controlled Prescription Program duplicate prescription form. This change is intended to address important public safety concerns.

The move to mandatory use of a duplicate prescription will be phased. During November and December 2019, duplicate and non-duplicate prescription forms will be accepted for codeine-containing liquid preparations. As of Jan. 2, 2020, only duplicate forms will be accepted.

NPs who prescribe these preparations are encouraged to ensure they have an adequate supply of duplicate pads and are reminded they must give careful thought to writing these prescriptions, as well as always check PharmaNet when prescribing.

Improved safety and oversight

Rescheduling the codeine containing liquid preparations listed below to Schedule 1A will improve oversight of these drugs, increase barriers to their access, and help to address public safety concerns, including: 

  • Addiction and non-medical use of these drugs,
  • Prescription forgeries for these drugs, and 
  • Pharmacy robberies and thefts targeting these drugs.

BCCNP resources

NPs are reminded they must meet all limits and conditions set out by BCCNP when prescribing controlled drugs and substances, including additional education requirements. Current and future NP prescribers should review the requirements to ensure they are meeting all the standards, limits and conditions.