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Increasing transparency of Education Program Review decisions

Feb 13, 2020

One of ways that BCCNP meets its public protection mandate is through the review and recognition of entry-level nursing education programs and courses in British Columbia.  

Currently, public information about recognized education programs for is limited to the names of recognized programs and courses. BCCNP would like to increase transparency of education program review decisions, as this information benefits the public and encourages all nursing education programs to be accountable for meeting BCCNP education standards and indicators.

Consultation results

A total of 30 responses were received from BC public post-secondary and private teaching institutions, nursing organizations, health authorities, health regulators, and government. In general, stakeholders were supportive and agreed that disclosure should include information such as program recognition lengths, conditions and a summary report; there was less consensus on disclosure of aggregate registration exam pass rates.

Our thanks to all organizations and individuals that participated in this process for their thoughtful comments and suggestions.

Next steps

At the direction of the board, BCCNP will begin posting program recognition lengths and dates of recognition to the BCCNP website this year. We anticipate this information will be available by summer 2020. Additional information will be added in a staged approach with dates still to be determined. 


For additional information, please contact Sandra Regan, Deputy Registrar, Education, Practice and Regulatory Learning at