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Updates to provisional registration for registered psychiatric nurses (RPNs)

Oct 29, 2018

​There have been some important changes to provisional RPN registration (formerly interim registration) requirements and processes to create greater alignment with other nursing designations.  

No standard limits or restrictions for provisional RPN registration 

Previously, provisional RPN registration for those waiting to write and receive the results of the Registered Psychiatric Nurses of Canada Examination (RPNCE)​ was always granted with the restrictions that the registrant 1) may only work shifts during which there was an RN/RPN present on the same unit or service and 2) may not be in charge of a unit or service. 

These restrictions are no longer automatically applied to provisional RPN registration (please note: this does not preclude any other limits or restrictions imposed by the Registration Committee on a case by case basis). 

Conditions will be published

The conditions on which provisional RPN registration is granted will be published on the BCCNP nurse verification tool. Typically, these conditions are that the registrant must write and pass the RPNCE within a year and must not fail the exam more than twice.

Provisional registration period extended to 12 months 

Provisional RPN registration will now be typically granted for 12 months. Previously, provisional RPN registration was granted for up to six months.

No longer exam-dependent

Previously, provisional RPN registration was only available to those signed up to write the next sitting of the RPNCE. This is no longer the case so long as the registrant is continuing to meet the conditions of their provisional RPN registration.

To learn more about provisional RPN registration, visit the provisional RPN section