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RPN registration renewal: What you need to know

Dec 11, 2018

Registration renewal for registered psychiatric nurses (RPNs) begins on January 2, 2019. Here are a few things you need to know to make your first registration renewal with BCCNP as smooth as possible:

Registration renewal closes at 4:30 pm

Registration renewal will close at 4:30 pm on Feb. 28, 2019, rather than midnight. This change provides BCCNP staff with more time to assess any remaining applications before Mar. 1. To ensure you’re able to renew your registration, we recommend you submit your completed application and payment well in advance of the 4:30 pm deadline on Feb. 28. 


As it was announced earlier this year, you’ll see an increase in your BCCNP registration this year. This means that if you participate in the pre-authorized payment program, you’ll have a balance to pay when you renew.

Quality Assurance declaration: Instead of submitting the annual continuing competence review form every fall, you’ll now make a declaration on your renewal application that you’ve met your annual personal practice review requirements for the year. Learn more.

Cannot change your registration on renewal application

It is no longer possible to change your registration (i.e. non-practising to practising) on your renewal application. We recommend that you submit your change of status application well in advance of the renewal deadline as these applications can take up to 10 business days to review, even when you meet all the requirements. Once approved, you can renew your registration for 2019-20.  Learn more about changing your registration status during renewal.

Criminal record check (CRC) consent

BCCNP now manages the CRC process on your behalf. If you are due for a re-check, you will be asked to consent to a CRC in your renewal application. Learn more about how CRCs work at BCCNP.

Payment options

Similar to policies of other organizations such as the Government of Canada, BCCNP will no longer be accepting cash and money orders as methods of payment. This decision was made due to the diminishing number of registrants using these options and the additional processing time required. Our current payment options link directly with our renewal system, so payment is automatically and instantly accepted and processed.

Registered in more than one nursing designation in BC?

If you are registered in more than one nursing designation in BC (RPN/LPN or RPN/RN), learn more about renewal for dual registrants.  

Questions about renewal?

Visit the renewal page to learn more.