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Competency assessment harmonization

Feb 6, 2019

​BCCNP refers applicants to complete a competency assessment on an as-needed basis to determine whether applicants meet entry-level competencies for practice. Competency assessments may be requested of initial internationally trained applicants, and applicants with Canadian practice experience that do not meet the five-year practice hours requirement

Currently, RN applicants with Canadian practice experience have the option of completing a competency assessment with Nursing Community Assessment Service (NCAS) or the Competency Assessment and Enhancement for Nursing (CAEN) program.

Effective March 1, 2019, only Nursing Community Assessment Service (NCAS) competency assessments will be accepted by BCCNP. This change is being made to harmonize the competency assessment process for all nursing designations in B.C.

Please note: RN applicants with Canadian practice experience who submit and pay for an application before or by February 28, 2019 will have the option of using NCAS or CAEN.