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Seeking evaluators to review a psychiatric nursing education program

Jan 31, 2019

Call for Psychiatric Nursing Education Program Evaluato​​r Team

The British Columbia College of Nursing Professionals (BCCNP) is seeking a team of evaluators (2 members) to review a psychiatric nursing education program in British Columbia. The review will be carried out under the direction of the BCCNP Education Program Review Committee – Panel B, in ac​​cordance with the BCCNP Recognition Process for Psychiatric Nursing Educational Programs (PDF).

The BCCNP is responsible for establishing the standards of academic achievement required for RPN graduates and for recognizing psychiatric nursing educational programs that prepare graduates for registration as an RPN. From March to June 2019, the Psychiatric Nursing Refresher Program offered by Douglas College will be reviewed. The BCCNP Standards & Indicators for Recognition of Psychiatric Nursing Educational Programs​ (PDF) sets out the standards that the programs must meet.

Criteria for selection of team ev​aluators include

▪ Registered Psychiatric Nurses (RPNs) with current and relevant expertise in psychiatric nursing education and practice

▪ Holding practicing registration as RPNs in one of the four western provinces

▪ Minimum of Masters level preparation in education or a health-related discipline

▪ Having no perceived or actual conflict of interest with the program being reviewed, such as

being a current or former student of Douglas College.

Key activities​​ include​​

▪ Establish a program review plan that is consistent with the timelines found in the BCCNP Recognition Process for Psychiatric Nursing Educational Programs

▪ Review and analyze the self-assessment report submitted by the post secondary institution

▪ Organize and conduct a one-date site visit, date found below

▪ Conduct additional telephone interviews with graduates and other stakeholders

▪ Review and evaluate the program against the Standards & Indicators for Recognition of Psychiatric Nursing Educa​​tional Programs

▪ Provide a draft written report to the post secondary institution for feedback

▪ Submit a final written report to BCCNP that addresses each standard and indicator

▪ Reviewing findings with BCCNP staff and Education Program Review Committee – Panel B.​


Review and analysis of self-assessment March 23, 2019 – April 22, 2019
Site visit

One-day site visit on April 23, 2019 (preferred date)

Submission of final report to BCCNPMay 24, 2019
​Presentation to Registration CommitteeJune 2019 – date to be determined
Total compensation for program reviewup to $6,000 plus approved expenses


Applications may also be accepted from professionals who are not RPNs who meet the education and education program evaluation experience requirements. In these cases, the applicant must also demonstrate how they will engage psychiatric nursing education subject matter experts in the process.

To apply, please submit the resumes of all team members and one letter of interest on behalf of the team via email to Sandra Regan, Deputy Registrar, Education Program Review and ELCs,​

Applications will be received until the end of the day Monday Feb. 11, 2019.

If you have questions or would like to discuss this opportunity, please contact:

Sandra Regan
Depu​ty Registrar, Education Program Review and ELCs
604.742.6200 ext. 6206 or toll-free (Canada only) 1-866-880-7101 ext. 6206​