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Changes to quality assurance requirements for LPNs

Feb 13, 2019

Note: this announcement was updated March 28, 2019, to reflect new reinstatement requirements.

Effective April 1, 2019, Jurisprudence is being discontinued as a QA Program component for LPNs. LPNs who were assigned to complete jurisprudence in 2019 will no longer be required to complete it.

Meeting new quality assurance requirements

Under BCCNP's quality assurance bylaws, every practising and provisional LPN registrant will be required to make an annual personal practice review declaration as a condition of renewing their registration for 2020. This is a new requirement for LPN registrants.

Registrants will be required to declare that they have met all of the following requirements within the previous one-year period:

  • Completed a confidential self-assessment of their practice using applicable BCCNP standards of practice;
  • Sought and received peer feedback (if they were engaged in practice during the previous year);
  • Developed and implemented a learning plan; and
  • Evaluated the impact of their learning plan on their practice

Details of the personal practice review requirement for LPNs are outlined in BCCNP Bylaws Part 6 , sections 311.

LPNs must also meet the requirement of a minimum 1,125 practice hours in the past five years.

Returning to practice

LPNs returning to practising registration must also meet the quality assurance activities, as per BCCNP Bylaw 306(1).


Registrants are expected to keep supporting records to document their compliance with the annual personal practice review requirement (and other requirements of BCCNP's quality assurance program) for at least five years after the end of each calendar year, in accordance with section 302 of BCCNP's bylaws.

These records may be subject to audit by BCCNP under section 303 of the bylaws, and the Quality Assurance Committee may require a registrant to submit information under section 304 of the bylaws to verify their compliance with the personal practice review requirement (and/or other requirements of BCCNP's quality assurance program).

Quality assurance: an ongoing process

The BCCNP QA team are working toward harmonization of the QA programs across the four nursing designations. We will communicate regularly through upcoming newsletters and on the BCCNP website as our work progresses.


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