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Practice Standard harmonization: survey results, next steps

Apr 9, 2019

Over the past two months, BCCNP has begun work to harmonize our standards. As part of the consultation process, we sent surveys out in February to enable nurses to provide feedback on the first four draft harmonized practice standards.

Thank you to the over 4,100 nurses who took the time to share their feedback. The comments from LPNs, NPs, RNs and RPNs clearly demonstrated the engagement and interest nurses have in their practice and the standards. Overall, nurses found the harmonized standards clear and easy to understand. 

What we heard

We received a number of thoughtful comments about the absence of content related to cultural safety for First Nations and Aboriginal people. As a signatory to the pledge to cultural safety and humility, BCCNP is committed to making our health system safer for First Nations and Aboriginal people, and we are working on a comprehensive approach to incorporate these concepts into all BCCNP standards of practice in a meaningful way.

We also heard that nurses want more concrete examples of how the standards apply in different situations, and a request for more definitions, across all four standards. Below is some feedback relating to individual standards.

Duty to Provide Care

Clarification on:

  • The emergency exemption
  • Terminating the nurse-client relationship
  • Use of "decision-making process"

Duty to Report

Clarification/revision of:

  • A nurse's role and ability in assessing another person's level of competence
  • The language regarding reporting sexual misconduct
  • A nurse's responsibility to ensure the employer has reported a situation
  • Application of this standard regarding reporting other health care providers
  • Duty to report unregulated care providers, direct supervisors, and other health care providers

Privacy & Confidentiality

Clarification on:

  • Concept of continuity of care and what provincial and federal privacy legislation allow
  • The right of clients to request corrections to their health records
  • What nurses can disclose over the phone
  • Ensuring clients understand their rights when there is a language barrier
  • Who is part of the "health care team"


Clarification on:

  • Changes to documentation practices that will come with electronic documentation
  • What is charting by exception
  • Timeframes regarding "timeliness" of charting
  • Care provided by unregulated staff who may not be allowed to document
  • Documenting "incident reports"

Next steps

The BCCNP Board needs to approve the four harmonized standards before they go into effect. Approval is anticipated in June 2019.

It's important to note that the harmonization of these four standards does not constitute a full review, and we may not be able to address all of this feedback at this time. However, we feel it's important to share these results with nurses, so they know what their colleagues are saying and that we are listening.

Each of these standards will be reviewed over the coming months and years as part of regular revisions, and this feedback will inform those revisions as well.