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LPN Dispensing Medication practice standard: dispensing naloxone

Jun 20, 2019

The BCCNP board on June 19, 2019 approved revisions to the LPN Practice Standard Dispensing Medications to allow LPNs to dispense naloxone  to someone who is not their client. This change comes into effect July 22, 2019.

Revisions to the Dispensing Medications standard for LPNs brings it into alignment with the Provincial Opioid Overdose Response strategy, specifically related to the dispensing of naloxone.  The revisions clarify the responsibilities of LPNs who are dispensing naloxone to persons who are not the client the nurse or the client's delegate but who may encounter others who appear to be experiencing a suspected opioid overdose outside of hospital settings. This includes taking steps to ensure public safety by teaching those they dispense the naloxone to how to respond appropriately to persons experiencing a suspected opioid overdose. 


In response to the public health emergency related to overdoses and overdose deaths resulting from opioid use, previous updates to the registered nurse (RN)/nurse practitioner (NP) and registered psychiatric nurse (RPN) respective Dispensing MedicationsPractice Standards added an exception provision enabling RNs, NPs and RPNs to dispense naloxone to someone who is not their client. . The changes to the Dispensing Medication practice standard for LPNs now align the expectations related to naloxone dispensing across the four nursing designations.