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NP CDS prescribing: reminder that checking PharmaNet is mandatory

Aug 27, 2019

NPs prescribing controlled drugs and substances (CDS) are reminded that they are accountable for their prescribing decisions, as per BCCNP prescribing standards.

When prescribing controlled drugs and substances, NPs must:

  • conduct a PharmaNet review to complete a comprehensive and accurate medication reconciliation,
  • obtain the best possible medication history for their client from PharmaNet and other sources, and
  • document their review of the client's PharmaNet profile.

A client's PharmaNet profile can identify potential risks such as clients seeking and receiving prescriptions from multiple prescribers, or being co-prescribed benzodiazepines and opioids, a dangerous combination. It can also help identify whether clients may be diverting drugs.  

The requirements for NPs to conduct a thorough assessment and identification and management of risk are detailed in the BCCNP competencies for NP prescribing of controlled drugs and substances.  

Prescription oversight

BCCNP's Quality Assurance Committee reviews NP prescribing and PharmaNet data to identify trends and issues. Visit the Prescribing Oversight page for more information.

Revised FAQs on the Controlled Prescription Program (CPP)

In response to questions from NPs, we've recently added some new FAQs to our CPP page. We invite NPs to review the new information, and feel free to contact us if they don't find the information they're looking for.