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Bylaws provide a detailed framework for BCCNP’s governance and operations.

Bylaws are enacted by the BCCNP board, subject to oversight by the Minister of Health.

Most bylaw changes are subject to a minimum three-month public notice period, unless the Minister specifies a shorter period. Where notice is required, BCCNP is responsible for giving the notice including posting the proposed change on the BCCNP website.

All bylaw changes must be filed with the Minister to be effective. Filed bylaw changes come into force 60 days after the date of filing unless, within that period, the Minister either disallows the change or specifies an earlier date or the BCCNP board withdraws the change.

Comments on proposed bylaw changes may be submitted to both BCCNP and the Minister.​

Proposed bylaw changes

Description Notice date
There are no proposed changes. n/a

Bylaw changes in force

​Description Filed In force
Repeal and replace Schedule F. Correction of error in 2019 CNPS fee for NPs. Nov. 15, 2018  Nov. 20, 2018
M 471/2018
Repeal and replace Schedule F. Establish 2019 fees for initial registration and renewal. Sept. 21, 2018 Nov. 1, 2018
M 395/2018​​​​
Initial bylaws n/a Sept. 4, 2018

Bylaw consolidations

​Consolidation No. In force
From To
2 (PDF) Nov. 20, 2018  current
1​ (PDF) Nov. 1, 2018 Nov. 19, 2018​​​​
Initial bylaws​ (PDF) Sept. 4, 2018 Oct. 31, 2018​​

​​​​​Former​​​​ bylaws