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Brenda Eraut

​​Education cr​​​ed​entials

​​​MScN- NP(F)



Coquitlam, B.C.

Current e​​mp​loyment

Nurse Practitioner with the Regional Palliative Care Program, Fraser Health​

Years i​​n pra​​​ctice

32 years

Regulatory ​​​expe​​ri​​​e​​nce

​Other gover​​​nance experi​e​n​​​ce​

Candidate statement​​​

1. Why do y​​ou want to be a BCCNP Board Member?

I've been a nurse formally for years in a variety of context, from direct care to education to leadership as a nurse practitioner. With my experiences working with many designations of nurses and within interdisciplinary health teams, I bring a diverse breadth of knowledge to the board position. I am proud to be a nurse and believe that high standards of practice should be maintained to ensure​ public safety and to ensure that the future of nursing continues to transition towards excellence. I believe in lifelong learning and I think that becoming a board member would enhance my current skills in my leadership role. Contributing insight from my own experiences and learning from other's perspectives on the board would be a satisfying role. I am open minded and get satisfaction from hearing diverse ideas from team members. The BCCNP is establishing a new road for the future and I would be honoured to be a contributing part of the decision making process.

2. How do you embody the values identified in the Board Composition Matrix in your work and personal life?​​​

As a nurse practitioner, I am consistently accountable to my practice and my role. I am committed to providing ethical and excellent care for patients and their families. I believe in working in a respectful and collaborative manner with my patients and colleagues. With over 25 years of nursing, I have worked in a variety of areas, often requiring my skills of adaptability and creativity to meet identified outcomes. What I've learned from my varied practice is the importance for working together as a team, collaborating and being adaptable to the needs of the various work environments. As a nurse practitioner, the public safety has always been a concern and priority of mine. I believe I bring a unique understanding of the healthcare system from my experiences, professional and personal. I've not only worked in hospitals, community settings and taught in the education system but I've also had family members in the system and recently been admitted as a patient within the healthcare system. These experiences helped me develop skills as a strong patient advocate and reinforced by belief in the importance of maintaining professional standards and competencies to ensure public safety.

3. Please explain why you feel you can make a valuable contribution to the BCCNP Board in light of the gaps id​entified in the 2020 Board Gap Assessment and the current context in which BCCNP is operating.  What specific experiences, skills, and perspectives do you bring that will enhance the current board?​

I apply strong leadership skills in my role as a nurse practitioner throughout my nursing career. My team work skills have been strengthened from experiences: from working in Intensive Care at St. Paul's Hospital to organizing and creating curriculum at Douglas College to being the sole NP establishing and coordinating the holistic care the 24 bed Fellburn unit in Fraser Health. I believe strongly in attending and participating in NP department meetings as they foster the unity of NP's and help disseminate information that promotes continuity for standards of practice. I understand how the healthcare system works and would like to contribute towards supporting the future for safe and optimal healthcare by nurses of all designations. Some of my education was in Northern BC which adds to my perspective of health care in BC. I am cognizant of the importance of a board view of health care organizations and structure and would like to bring my experience to help fill the current gaps.​