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Laura Terepocki

​​Education cr​​​edentials

​Dip Psychiatric Nursing

MA Leadership, (enrolled – to finish 2021)


Maple Ridge, B.C.

Current e​​mp​loyment

Client Care Coordinator, Cottonwood/ Connolly/ Cypress Lodges, Fraser Health Authority​

Years i​​n pra​​​ctice

15 years

Regulatory ​​​expe​​ri​​​e​​nce

  • ​Working Group Member — CRPNBC Working Group to create RPN Scope of Practice (2009)

​Other gover​​​nance experi​e​n​​​ce​

  • ​Committee Member — Joint Occupational Health and Safety Committee (JOHS), Disaster Management committee (Current appointment) 
  • Participant, Tertiary Screening Committee meetings (Current appointment)
  • Accreditation Team Participant — Cottonwood (2018)
  • Committee Member — JOHS Committee Fraser Regional Correction Centre (2005 – 2010)

Candidate statement​​​​

1. Why do y​​ou want to be a BCCNP Board Member?

I graduated as an Registered Psychiatric Nurse from Douglas College in 2004, and since that time, I have held many different roles and titles during my 15 years practicing as an RPN, including Corrections nursing, acute psychiatry, and tertiary mental health. I have spent the last 6 years in leadership roles at various sites, including SMH MHSU Zone, SMH inpatient psychiatry, an​​d currently at Cottonwood/ Connolly/ Cypress Lodges. I have seen the struggles faced by nurses and have worked to create a safer environment. I participated in the working group at CRPNBC responsible for helping to create the RPN scope of practice document that has since been implemented. I am also a Content Expert for RPNs at NCAS, who is responsible for the assessment of nurses moving to BC or re-entering practice. I believe that there is always room for learning and growth, and am currently working towards my Master of Arts in Leadership at Royal Roads University to help continue to grow and guide my practice. I feel that I can provide a broad view and experience to the BCCNP board. I am eager to support the nursing profession as a whole.​

2. How do you e​​​mbody the values identified in the Board Composition Matrix in your work and personal life?​​​

The values held by the board are manifested throughout my practice. I strive to be humble and respectful, not only to my colleagues, but also to all those under my care. I am constantly learning and working on self-development. I am currently working towards my Master of Arts in Leadership to continue to improve my skills as a leader and broaden my knowledge on creating positive change and serving effectively in a leadership role. I am always prepared to come in as a team player and recognize the importance of collaboration as a component of a strong organization. I will continue to promote and demonstrate these values as a member of the Board.

3. Please explain why you feel you can make a valuable contribution to the BCCNP Board in light of the gaps id​entified in the 2020 Board Gap Assessment and the current context in which BCCNP is operating.  What specific experiences, skills, and perspectives do you bring that will enhance the current board?​

Through my leadership experience working in various different areas, I have developed insight into the structure of the healthcare system. Additionally, I am working towards a Master of Arts in Leadership which will provide me with further knowledge and skill to effect change with consideration for the greater health care system. I have also been active in numerous committees and feel that I can bring this knowledge with me in working to create a positive board culture and fostering an effective committee. While my direct public relations and government relations skills may be minimal, I have excellent communication skills and would be eager to support any program in communication strategies.​