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Ranjit Lehal

​​Education cr​​​edentials




Burnaby, B.C.

Current e​​mp​loyment

Family Nurse Practitioner, Burnaby New Canadian Clinic, Fraser Health Authority

Years i​​n pra​​​ctice

29 years

Regulatory ​​​expe​​ri​​​e​​nce

​Other gover​​​nance experi​e​n​​​ce​

Candidate statement​​​

1. Why do y​​ou want to be a BCCNP Board Member?

I am seeking to be a BCNNP Board Member as I deeply value the role of a regulatory body in its obligation to protect the public.  In particular, the opportunity to service an inaugural Board with broad representation including all nursing professions which is aligned with recommendations from the Cayton Report is an exciting prospect. I believe my lived experience as first generation immigrant woman and professional experience in global health will bring​​ a unique perspective in representing Nurse Practitioners on the Board.​  In addition, I think participating on the Board will also enrich my professional growth through network opportunities, expanding knowledge about other nursing professions, understanding Board operations, and gaining greater insight into BCNNP's execution of its role in protecting the public.  Ultimately, I would consider it a privilege to serve on the BCNNP Board and support my College to fulfill its legal mandate to the public.​

2. How do you embody the values identified in the Board Composition Matrix in your work and personal life?​​​

The values identified are central to who I am and how I live personally and professionally.  My life has been a journey of lifelong learning including embracing new opportunities to challenge myself and grow.  Accountability, honesty, and integrity have been essential to my work with the British Columbia Nurse Practitioners Association executive as Treasurer and as chair of the Fraser Health Nurse Practitioner Department Professional Development Fund committee.  The role of mentorship is a fundamental aspect of my NP practice through support of NP students, NP fellowship, and Residents.  I believe objectivity, respect and self awareness is key to a mutually successful mentorship experience.  I believe these are my areas of strength.  Humility, inclusivity, collaboration, and public service are values which are firmly embedded in practice with refugees and newcomers to Canada.  I consistently seek to learn and gain understanding my patients' experience with a lens of curiosity and respect without making assumptions.  Collaboration and adaptability are integral to developing a plan of care that resonates for my patients and accounts for the significant influence of the determinants of health and health literacy in care provision.

3. Please explain why you feel you can make a valuable contribution to the BCCNP Board in light of the gaps id​entified in the 2020 Board Gap Assessment and the current context in which BCCNP is operating.  What specific experiences, skills, and perspectives do you bring that will enhance the current board?​

I believe I can make a contribution to the identified gaps in a few different areas.  My nursing career has spanned 29 years and I have had an opportunity to fulfill a variety of different roles including operations, project work, and the last 12 years in NP practice.  This has provided me with experience in leadership within the healthcare sector and an understanding of how the system works and how change is mobilized. 

Change and transformation is a constant in healthcare I have had an opportunity to be involved in many change strategies over years.  Currently, I am working on the Steering Committee for Primary Care Network (PCN) in Burnaby which will oversee significant change to how primary care health services are provided.  This also involves public relations in that a key component of implementing PCN is public engagement.  There is public representation on the steering committee as well community agencies and NGO involvement in local leadership tables.  I believe my experience in this area will be an asset and can make a valuable contribution to the BCCNP Board.​​​