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Board elections

 About elections


The first election for the BCCNP board took place in the fall of 2019 for three-year terms beginning in January 2020. The election was for two vacant ​registrant seats: one RPN and one NP. All registrants in good standing, except student registrants, were eligible to vote in this election. 


In the fall of 2020 elections will be held to fill three vacant seats: one RN, one LPN and one NP. These terms will begin January of 2021 for three years.


In the fall of 2021 elections will be held to fill three vacant seats:​ one RN, one LPN and one RPN. These terms will begin January of 202​2 for three years.​

2019 ele​​ction res​​​ults​​​​

​​Three-year ​term of office commencing Jan. 1, 2020.

Ballot c​​ount

The ballo​​t count for the contested nurse practitioner and registered psychiatric nurse board positions​ was administered by Simply Voting​.​

Nurse Practitioner Board Position
Brenda Eraut 670

Laura M Housden


Ranjit Lehal 529
Total votes cast 2,290
Abstain 181

Registered Psychiatric Nurse Board Position
Dorothy Jennings 539
Sonia Parmar 300
Sanjin Ramovic 316

David Reid​


Laura Terepocki 320
Total votes cast 2,290
Abstain 221
2019 election notice

​Notice of election​

The BCCNP Board is the college’s governing body and receives its authority from the Health Professions Act (Act). It is responsible for the direction, leadership and strategy of the college, and works to ensure the decisions made by the college have the greatest impact in reducing risk or harm to the public as per its legislated mandate.

​In accordance with the Health Professions Act and the College Bylaws, BCCNP will be holding its first board election this fall. Two of the previously appointed registrant positions — one nurse practitioner seat and one registered psychiatric nurse seat — will become vacant on Dec. 31, 2019 and must be filled by registrants elected from each of those respective nursing groups.

Voting for the 2019 election will be conducted electronically and hosted by Simply Voting, an independent full-service provider of secure online elections. Registrants eligible to vote will receive an email from Simply Voting prior to the start of the election period with instructions on how to vote. Please see Section 4 of the BCCNP bylaws for voter eligibility conditions. 

If you have any questions about your eligibility to vote, please contact the Governance Team at before Sept. 16 to confirm your status and ensure your contact records are up to date.  

​Call for Nomi​nations

We are pleased to invite eligible practising and non-practising Nurse Practitioner and Registered Psychiatric Nurse registrants to consider running for the available board positions.  Each position is for a three-year term, with terms starting on Jan. 1, 2020.

If you are interested in applying, please complete the Nomination Application. We also recommend you read the  accompanying Guide for Applicants​, as this will assist you in determining if you are eligible to become a board member and offer guidance on how to complete your nomination application.

Please email your application to no later than 4:30 p.m. PST on Tuesday, Oct. 1, 2019.  We will not accept paper or late applications.  Following your submission, you will receive an email confirming the safe receipt of your nomination application from the Governance Team. 

The BCCNP Nominations Committee will verify and review all applications before sending a final ticket of candidates to the board chair and registrar. 

Voting p​​​eriod

You will have two votes, one for each of the board positions being filled.  Even if you are not a nurse practitioner or registered psychiatric nurse, you can vote in this election.

You will be able to vote at any time between 8:30 a.m. PST on Monday, Oct. 21 and 4:30p.m. PST on Friday, Nov. 15, 2019.

If you believe you are eligible to vote but do not receive an email from Simply Voting when the election opens on Oct. 21, please contact the Governance Team at as soon as possible so we can make sure you receive a ballot.

The candidate who receives the most votes for each position will be elected to the BCCNP board. Election results will be announced on this website by the end of November 2019. ​​​​​​​​​​

 Get involved!

​​Consider joining a BCCNP committee. We're currently accepting applications for new committee ​members. 

 Contact us

If you have any election-related inquiries, email​ or call 604.742.6200 or toll-free 1.866.880.7101 (Canada only).  

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