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 December 2019  

Renewal is coming! What you need to know for 2020

Registration renewal for NPs starts on Jan. 2, 2020. Find out what's new this year, including optional association membership; 2020-21 fees; new questions on your renewal application; and a change to the renewal deadline. 

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MAiD clarification: Valid requests and 10 clear days

Before a MAiD practitioner provides medical assistance in dying, they must ensure there are at least 10 clear days between the day the request was signed, either by the patient or their proxy (day 0) and the day on which medical assistance in dying is provided (day 11 or later).

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Balancing fatigue and client safety

It had been a long, busy day in the Step Down Unit and Mia is exhausted. The charge nurse just let her know they’ve had a sick call for nights, and needs Mia to stay until she can find a replacement. If you were Mia, what would you do? 

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BCCNP and College of Midwives receive government support to amalgamate 

On Nov. 27, the Ministry of Health outlined a proposal to modernize B.C.'s regulatory framework, which includes the reduction of the number of regulatory colleges from 20 to five. Earlier this year, we entered into discussions with the College of Midwives of BC to consider amalgamating into a single regulator. We have now received government support for this amalgamation. Find out what's next.

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Standards update: MAiD, RPN Professional Standards

The BCCNP Board has approved a number of new and revised standards of practice that will take effect on Jan. 7, 2020. The approved standards include harmonized Medical Assistance in Dying (MAiD) Scope of Practice standards for LPNs, RNs and RPNs; MAiD Scope of Practice standards for NPs; and Professional Standards for RPNs.

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Election results are in! 

Laura M Housden, NP and David Reid, RPN were the successful candidates in the recent BCCNP election. The college welcomes them to its board in January 2020. Many thanks to all of the candidates and registrants who participated in BCCNP’s first election.

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